Oversized Haulage and bog transport company

The provisions of the Road Traffic Act also prohibit the transport of oversize loads other than indivisible loads in a vehicle. The exception applies to oversize vehicles authorized to move on the basis of a category I permit. An indivisible load is a load that cannot be divided into two or more smaller loads without disproportionately high costs or risk of damage (Article 2, point 35b).

The driver of a non-standard vehicle is obliged to have an appropriate permit with him and to show it to authorized persons.

What is oversize transport? What should you remember when organizing the transport of oversized Haulage?
When organizing oversize transport and oversized haulage, you should take into account not only applicable road traffic regulations and legal requirements regarding permissible transport parameters, but also the entire logistics process. Starting from the selection of the carrier, through the selection of the means of transport, to planning loading and delivery dates. As you can see, oversize transport, in addition to meeting the requirements specified in the regulations, requires a well-planned logistics process and transport route, with particular emphasis on possible obstacles appearing on the roads, e.g. bridges and viaducts (vehicle weight) or narrow roads.

Are you planning oversize transport, oversized haulage and don’t know where to start? What information do you need at the stage of organizing transport? Use our checklist so that you don’t miss anything.